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Artificial Sweeteners Are Not Healthy Alternatives

Many of us believe that artificial sweeteners are a better choice, than regular sugar.

We’ve all reached for that pink, yellow, or blue or yellow packet at one time or another, I know I have.

I used to believe that that blue packet was better for me than sugar, but It’s not, they’re all just as bad as sugar.

Artificial sweeteners are terrible for your aging process.

They have no calories, so they don’t get broken down into the energy the body needs to fuel itself, I spoke about how the body will use glucose to fuel itself and how insulin will store excess glucose as fat in episode 84 about weight loss, check it out here.

But what happens when you eat artificial sweeteners is that there’s no energy to support bodily function, but because the sweetness lights up the same receptors in your brain you still get a release of insulin, but insulin has nothing to do because there’s nothing to store because there’s no glucose.

So, what happens is insulin is just hanging out in your blood and if you keep consuming these artificial sweeteners your cells won’t respond to insulin the way they should – this is called insulin resistance which leads to weight gain, osteoporosis and weak bones, an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, cardiovascular disease, and all those other illnesses we associate with normal aging.

If you’re drinking diet soda because you think it’s better for you than regular soda, it’s not.

If you’re eating or drinking anything because it has artificial sweeteners and not regular sugar, stop!

If you really need a sweetener to add to anything, you can try pure Stevia which is a plant-based sweetener that doesn’t raise blood sugar (check the ingredient label to make sure it doesn’t include anything other than stevia), yacon syrup is an extract from the yacon plant, it’s sweet and thick like molasses and is my sweetener of choice.

Another favorite of mine is date paste that I make from organic dates (1:1 with water in a blender), yes, dates are a fruit, and too much can raise glucose and start the whole insulin process of storage if consumed in high amounts, but they’re sweet and eaten in small amounts they can be part of a healthy way of eating. Dates are loaded with a form sugar that your gut bacteria love!

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