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Cleansing Too Much is NOT Good for You

You know when your skin looks shiny and you have an oily reside all over it, and your pores are large and maybe clogged and you may have acne?

Well, my friend, you have oily skin and there’s a few things you need to know.

1. You can actually force your skin to become oily by over cleansing. We have a natural oil on our skin, it’s important and needs to be there, if you’re using harsh cleansers to wash your face, you’re removing this oil forcing skin to produce more. This means you don’t have oily skin; you’re just damaging it.

2. If your skin is actually oily (large pores over most of your face), walking the fine line between cleansing skin and striping skin is extremely important. You need to keep pores clean using products specifically for oily skin.

3. Lightly exfoliate, but not to the point of “squeaky clean” is extremely important to oily skin. People with oily skin tend to over-exfoliate.

4. Consume foods high in vitamin D, it helps decrease the body’s oil production.

5. Avoid whey which can cause an increase in oil production.

Go forth and prosper...

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