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FU Aging - The DJS Method to Exceptional Aging

We’ve been on autopilot for way too long, feeding our bodies, not nourishing them, and allowing ourselves to feel like crap without any thought to the fact that what we’re actually doing is slowly and painfully killing ourselves.

This needs to stop and it needs to stop now!

Aging well, without all the aches, pains and illnesses of what we’ve come to associate with “normal” aging takes work.

We need to take ourselves off autopilot and start paying attention to how the foods we’re consuming, the thoughts that we’re thinking and the stress that we have in our lives, makes us feel.

Everything you’re going to learn in this program is to support a healthy microbiome and immune system to keep you feeling good and move your biological age needle in the younger direction, not the older direction. This will allow you to vibrantly claim your second act not with pain, illness, and

fatigue, but with vitality, agility and smooth, vibrant looking skin.

The FU approach starts with your diet because this is where small changes can very quickly cause positive changes to your microbiome. In fact, the gut has the largest number of rapidly replicating cells in the body, which means it can repair itself quickly with the right support. I’ve included a food journal that you should fill out for 2 -3 weeks, paying attention to how your body reacts and how you feel to the foods you eat and get off autopilot.

I’m often asked if you can lose weight on this program, and the answer is a resounding… Maybe. While this isn’t a weight loss program per se, once you get your microbiome healthy, you immune system is no longer working in overdrive, and your body is nourishing itself properly, yes, its very possible to lose weight.

Then we’ll move on to joy and self-care which is essential to a healthy aging body. Managing stress, movement and sleep allow the body, and especially the brain, to clean and rejuvenate, which is so important to driving that aging needle backwards.

And, of course, since I am a skincare formulator and I want all of us to look as good on the outside as the inside, we’ll talk all about how to support your largest organ, your skin.

It’s not always easy to make changes, but there’s momentum to good habits. Locking in one makes the next one easier to add, and the next, and the next.

Change is hard but we can do hard things – Glennon Doyle

Join us to make healthy changes today!

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