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I Refuse to Carry Maracas

I actually enjoy the sound of the musical instrument maracas. They remind me of my trips to the Caribbean and Spain, but I hate what I refer to as “American maracas”.

Don’t bother Googling that, you won’t find it, it’s my own thing.

Every year in the US, more than 4 billion prescriptions are dispensed with the average 60-year-old taking 5 or more medications daily.

I refer to “American maracas” as the sound all these medications make when put in a zip top bag and you shake it, it sounds like a maraca.

Medications for pain; high cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure; hypothyroidism; proton-pump inhibitors to treat heartburn, stomach ulcers, esophageal damage and GERD; and to manage diabetes are some of the most prescribed medications for those over 50.

Unfortunately, all of these medications come with side effects – everything from the mild ones - nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea – to the heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, hallucinations, blood clots and even cancer.

I’ve created my FU Aging program to avoid carrying “American maracas” and their “offensive” side effects.

If you want to ditch the maracas, contact me at

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