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Let Me Introduce You to Tapping

Have you ever heard of tapping?

If you haven’t, I’m about to turn you onto it, and if you have, good on you!

Tapping was life changing for me!

And skin changing!

Let’s first talk about stress.

Stress is a normal human reaction to something that has happened in our lives.

When we experience a negative emotion, our brain goes on high alert and prepares our body to enter fight-or-flight mode.

This response has evolved over thousands of years to get the body ready to face an external threat – for our ancestors, this could have been a tiger coming after them.

All the body’s defense systems are turned on to support either fighting or fleeing from danger - adrenaline pumps, muscles tense, blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar all rise, to give you extra energy to meet the stressor head on.

The stressors to our ancestors were very real threats to survival. Today, however, the flight-or-flight response is rarely activated by the same intense threat.

Today, most of our fight-or-flight responses are triggered internally (no saber tooth tigers these days!).

For many of us, the response is to a negative memory or thought that has its roots in past trauma or is conditioned learning from childhood. The stress response in the body takes the same form, whether it is external as a tiger or internal as a negative memory.

Beyond prior experience or negative memories, daily life is filled with small fight-or-flight experiences.

Your boss sends you an e-mail that makes you upset; as you sit down to eat lunch, you stress about your weight; you go home to a messy house and a ton of chores.

In all these scenarios, your body is preparing you to fight or flee. These things bring on a low-grade stress response but add up hundreds or thousands of responses in a given week or month and this becomes a problem.

This cumulative effect on the body and mind is massive.

The ongoing fight-or-flight response leaves us worn down, sick, upset, overweight, stressed out, and just generally unhappy with our life situations.

This stress response begins in a component of the limbic system called the amygdala, the source of our emotions and long-term memory, and its where negative experiences are saved and encoded.

The amygdala is called the body’s smoke detector, it senses a threat to our safety and signals the brain to mobilize the body in the fight-or-flight response. An early negative experience can program the amygdala that there’s trouble when something similar triggers in the future.

The amygdala doesn’t only signal when the experience happens, it can also signal when we have an expectation of this similar experience. This is when the fight or flight stress response becomes really bad for our health.

Enter tapping!!

Tapping turns off the amygdala’s alarm, deactivating the brain’s response.

In the ancient Chinese medical system of acupuncture, meridians are defined as energy channels that carry vital life force to the organs and other systems of the body.

These meridians run up and down both sides of the body with each meridian being associated with a different organ and has a specific location on the surface of the body where you can access the energy channel.

This point can be manipulated with acupuncture needles or acupressure to balance or unblock the energy flow through that particular meridian.

Tapping is considered a form of acupressure.

It retrains the amygdala very quickly. When you think of something that causes any uncomfortable feeling the amygdala sends out the alarm and tapping deactivates this alarm.

Tapping has been life changing for me!

To learn how to do it properly click here. I highly recommend it.

If you’d like to lose weight, look great, feel good, and age healthy, click here to schedule a free consultation to see how we can work together to do just that.

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