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My Skin Feels Like the Sahara!!

Seriously! That’s what a new client said when we were discussing her skin goals!

Dry skin can feel tight and itchy, and it’s no fun, I should know, I had it.

But, you know, I’m your girl for all things skin so, here are my dry skin tips:

1. NEVER use soap on skin, it’s way too drying

2. NEVER use any cleanser that makes skin feel tight and “clean”, this is damaging

3. Use an oil cleanser, it will never stripe, damage or dry your skin. We have an awesome one, check out our DISCOVER Cleansing Oil here

4. Use an oil-based serum. Yes, I know this sounds counterintuitive, but your skin is dry because it is lacking in oil, not water. Check out our RECOVER Anti-Aging Serum here and REJOICE Antioxidant Serums here.

5. Exfoliate once a week to keep skin regenerating. Our exfoliant is so gentle, it will never damage your skin and supports the skin processes of regeneration and collagen. Check out our UNCOVER Exfoliant here.

6. NEVER sleep in makeup

Following these tips will bring your skin from feeling like the Sahara to feeling like a smooth dewy pond.

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