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That Donut is Making Your Face Sag!

Time to make the donuts, that iconic slogan that we all laughed at all those many years ago, has a much different image now that we’ve aged.

Those donuts that we loved so much have caused wrinkles and sagging.

Now, it’s time to skip the donuts for a number of reasons.

When we eat a donut, or any sugar for that matter, the body turns it into glucose which raises our blood sugar until it’s metabolized.

If we eat too much sugar, excess glucose in the blood can bind to the skin’s collagen and elastin causing these proteins to break down. This causes our skin to become rigid and less elastic with a weakened ability to repair itself.

I know that when I say the word “sugar”, most people think I mean that white sweetening stuff, and

I do, but I also mean all carbohydrates that the body converts to glucose. In the case of the donut, it’s the white flour, but the body also breaks down healthy foods into sugar.

All foods that are carbohydrates are broken down into sugar - sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach and kale, so, yes, in essence, eating too much of these nutritious foods can raise blood sugar, but, along with the sugar, these foods come alone with fiber and nutrients that the body uses to nourish its tissues and organs, including the skin.

Fiber slows down the absorption of sugar so we don’t get a fast blood sugar spike, which means your body won’t have excess sugar in it’s blood stream.

Bottom line – excess sugar in the body means excess sugar in skin tissue equals wrinkles and sagging.

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