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The #1 Way to Keep Skin Looking Young & Vibrant

I know this sounds disgusting…

But as your friend I need to tell you...

What we show to the world is dead skin cells

Yes, gross, right? But it’s true

The body intelligently surrounds itself with a layer of dead cells to protect the water rich living

ones that are underneath.

You see, our living cells are made up of about 70-80% water, whereas air only contains about 1% water. If this dry air makes direct contact with a living cell the cell will shrivel up and die.

Through the natural process of skin regeneration, our outermost layer of dead skin cells is continuously being shed and continuously needs to be replaced in order to protect the living tissues beneath it.

Unfortunately, as we age, this shedding process slows down causing our skin to look dry and dull.

When we exfoliate, we remove the dead skin cells and since this layer always needs to be dead cells, we are forcing the production of new skin cells.

By keeping cells regenerating we are forcing our cells to keep moving up to the top layer, plumps up our lines and wrinkles making our skin appear younger.

This process also supports the production of collagen that keeps our skin plump.

It takes approximately 4 weeks for the top layer of skin to be completely replaced, longer as we get older.

For years, we’ve been told we should be exfoliating with harsh products, that are skin should feel “clean”, but products that make our skin feel like this can actually tear the skin allowing for environmental toxins and bacteria to enter the skin and potentially the blood stream.

This can also cause permanent damage to skin.

When purchasing an exfoliant avoid anything with sugar, salt, seeds and crushed shells, your skin will thank you for it.

P.S. Our UNCOVER Exfoliant has no sugar, salt, seeds or crushed shells, it’s so gentle you can actually eat it.

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