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The Case Against Dairy

What dairy is, is really good marketing by the dairy industry.

Because it’s not good for us at all.

Research shows that dairy products have no benefit for bone health like we were led to believe, and dairy products and calcium don’t prevent fractures The worst part of this is that these same studies show that that societies that consumed the most dairy, had the most fractures.

Research funded by the National Cancer Institute, the NIH, and the World Cancer Research Fund, found that women who consumed about ¼ to 1/3 cup of milk per day had a 30% increased risk of breast cancer, and increasing that to 1 cup per day increased the risk by 50%. 2-3 cups increased the risk by 80% and that those who consumed the most cheese had a 53% higher risk for breast cancer.

Regular consumption of dairy products has also been linked to prostate cancer. Men who consumed 3 or more servings of dairy products a day had a 141% higher risk of death from prostate cancer.

Milk contains all the nutrients a baby cow needs to grow. At 6 months baby cows start to wean off of his mother’s milk, and by 10 months, they completely stop.

This is when they start eating their natural diet of grasses, legumes, alfalfa, clover and hay. This is a cow’s natural diet, what they have been consuming for millennia.

That is unless they are cows raised on factory farms for their milk, then they are fed genetically modified corn and soybeans that are sprayed with glyphosate and, believe it or not, Skittles, I mean what the f*$k! They’re feeding cows genetically modified foods that are not part of their natural diet and pure sugar.

This diet, that is not their natural diet causes them to become sick because think about it, what would happen to you if you were forced to eat sand instead of food, you would get sick too. So, when the cows get sick, they’re given antibiotics.

Everything these cows consume gets passed on into their milk and, in turn, to you if you’re consuming their dairy, so that means you are consuming their hormones because, just like us, it takes hormones to lactate, as well as genetically modified corn, soybeans and the toxins they’re sprayed with, the sugar, and artificial colors from Skittles, that they’re fed, and, there may even be some pus in your milk because their utters can become bruised and infected, and any antibiotics they’re given because they’re sick, and if you follow me with any regularity, you know that antibiotic use destroys your gut flora.

Whey and casein are the proteins found in milk; lactose is the sugar.

Whey can have a negative effect on your gut flora leading to gas, and bloating.

Casein is another protein found in milk, the problem with this is that the casein molecule looks a lot like the gluten molecule so someone that is sensitive to gluten can have an immune response that causes inflammation in the digestive tract, and if the casein protein passes through the gut lining it can trigger an autoimmune response.

In people with casein or whey intolerance or sensitivity, dairy products can also cause sever digestive problems, as well as other seemingly unrelated effects, like breathing problems, vomiting, hives, joint pain, extreme fatigue, neurological symptoms, and behavioral changes.

Lactose is the sugar in milk. And, when we’re young our bodies produce enough of the enzyme lactase to digest lactose, but as we age, production of this enzyme slows, and even stops in some people which causes lactose intolerance which shows up as gas, bloating and diarrhea, which is caused by your gut bacteria fermenting the lactose sugar.

Yes, there is organic, grass-fed dairy which will be much healthier for you. They won’t be fed a diet of Skillets, corn, soy and glyphosate and they won’t be shot up with antibiotics, but they will still have cow hormones, casein, whey and lactose.

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