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This Everyday Drink is Causing You to Age

Soda is just all around bad for your health, all it is is empty liquid calories with no nutritional value.

A study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that soda drinkers have increased liver fat, muscle fat, triglycerides, and belly fat and high levels of phosphates in soda have been linked to skin atrophy which shows up as thinning, wrinkled skin. The caramel color in colas is a direct source of AGEs formation that causes premature aging.

The sugar in soda causes a spike in your glucose, excess glucose in the body can cause wrinkles through the very complicated process called glycation, excess glucose can also cause the overproduction of sebum that can clog pores and cause inflammation in the body which causes wrinkles.

If you’re drinking sugar free soda, the chemicals that make it sugar free can cause an imbalance in gut flora which can directly affect your skin causing it to be malnourished and dull.

As I’ve mentioned many times, all health starts in the gut and gut health shows up on your skin, so if your gut isn’t healthy, your skin will never look as good as it could or as it should.

Ditch the soda!!

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