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Unveiling the Truth: Navigating Weight Loss After Menopause
Weight Loss After Menopause

We've all been there, right? Trying out every trendy diet under the sun, hoping for that magic bullet to shed those extra pounds. But as we dig deeper into the world of dieting, it's becoming increasingly clear - we've been sold a lie.


The Youthful Illusion


Sure, back in our 20s and 30s, many of these diets seemed to work wonders. Whether it was counting points with Weight Watchers or diving into a 30-day challenge, the results were often impressive. But let's face it, those days are behind us.
Weight Loss Is Different After 40

The Sneaky Tactics of the Weight Loss Industry

As we get older, especially us ladies dealing with perimenopause or already through the transition, those diets just don't cut it anymore. The truth is the weight loss industry thrives on our desperation for quick fixes. They want us to think we can keep living our lives as usual and still lose weight. Spoiler alert: it's not that simple.
Diets Don't Work


Revealing the Hidden Risks


Now, let's talk about the not-so-pretty side of those popular diet plans. Jenny Craig and Nutrasystem might promise long-term solutions, but sticking with them can wreak havoc on your gut, especially if you're already dealing with menopausal symptoms. And don't even get me started on Weight Watchers and Optivia – they can leave you malnourished and losing muscle, which is the last thing we need at this stage in life.
Why Is It So Difficult to Lose Weight After Menopause?


The Downside of Quick Fixes


Oh, and those 30-day challenges? Yeah, they might seem tempting, but trust me, they're not worth it. Rapid weight loss might sound great in theory, but it's not sustainable and is detrimental to your future weight loss! SMH!
Weight Loss And Perimenopuase


The Detriment of Cutting Calories

Research from Harvard tells us that calorie in/calorie out theory doesn’t work:


"This idea of 'a calorie in and a calorie out' when it comes to weight loss is not only antiquated, it's just wrong," says Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, an obesity specialist and assistant professor of medicine and pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.

Check out the research here:
Cutting Calories Doesn't Work for Long Term Weight Loss

And that when we cut calories, it slows down our metabolism long term:

“On average, participants experienced a 23% drop in their resting metabolic rate.”

“Six year later, competitors regained an average of 90 pounds, but the significant slowing in metabolic rate persisted”


Check out the research here:

This is detrimental to weight loss when we’re dealing with that menopause weight gain.


Why We Gain Weight During Menopause

As we age our metabolism slows down but the hormonal changes that occur as we move through perimenopause make this weight gain worse.  Not only that, but it also moves it to our belly’s.  Who wants to deal with that??
Why We Gain Weight During Menopause


Why It’s So Difficult to Lose Weight After Menopause

It all started many years ago with all those diets we fell victim to.  We didn’t know we were doing something bad to our bodies.  Cutting calories slowed down our metabolism.  And now, we have hormonal changes that make things harder.
Why It's So Difficult to Lose Weight After Menopause


The Solution to Weight Loss After Menopause

I have a Secret Weapon for menopause weight loss.  It has nothing to do with cutting, counting, weighing or measuring calories, macros or food.  All you need to do is eat!

And it’s so easy!

Check out this blog post to learn more:

Want to know what it is?  Schedule a consultation and I’ll be happy to tell you all about.

Leave diet brain behind and find a long-term solution to that hard to lose weight loss.
The Solution to Weight Loss After Menopause


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