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You Are a Bio-Individual

I’ll bet you never knew you were a bio-individual, but I’m here to tell you, you are, we all are.

Bio-individuality means that we are all different.

We all have different DNA, genes, muscle mass, different levels of stress, different gut flora, etc.,

We all have different lifestyles – we live in cities – the concrete jungle – or the country with grass and trees; we move our bodies in different ways – yoga, running, hiking, swimming; we clean our homes with different products; we choose to meditate to alleviate stress or go to for a run; some of us have children or grandchildren, some don’t have either; etc.

And, because of all of this you are a bio-individual.

Why should you care??

Because this means you have different nutritional needs than the person sitting next to you.

One size DOES NOT fit all!

You are not aging in the same way as anyone else and you should never make diet or lifestyle choices because they work for someone else.

Be the amazing bio-individual that YOU are, not someone else.

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