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You Have Poop on Your Face, YUCK!!

Well, you don’t actually have poop on your face, but you probably have poop germs and here’s why.

Think about what goes into your toilet.

When you flush your toilet a cloud of tiny aerosol droplets, which contain all the germs from the toilet are released into the air landing on all the surfaces around the bathroom.

So, anything you have out in your bathroom will be covered in these germs.

These germs can be E. coli, influenza and MRSA and are all bad news.

So, think about what you have out on your bathroom counter, your toothbrush, makeup brushes, dental floss, bottles of medication,

All these things are covered in poop.

Then you use these same brushes to put makeup on, you now have poop germs in your makeup, and you have it on your face.

Your cell phone was probably on the counter when you flushed, it’s covered in germs and then you put it up to your face.

What about the towels that are hanging up around the bathroom, they’re covered in germs too.

Poop germs are all over the floor and now you walk out of your bathroom and spread them all through your house.

The bottom line is that we are covered in poop germs.

I know, this is disgusting and there’s an extremely easy fix to this, all you need to do is close the toilet lid when you flush, it’s really that easy.

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