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You're Using This Beauty Tool Wrong

Towels are just as much of a beauty tool as your makeup, your brushes and your puffs and anything else you use on your skin.

Unfortunately, so many of us are using our towels the wrong way, yes, I know, that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but here’s my top 5 tips on how to properly use your towel.

#1 – Never use the same towel to dry your face as your body because products used on the body may be too harsh for the skin on the face, they can irritate the skin leading to redness and sensitivity or clog pores and cause acne.

#2 – Never use the same towel to dry hair as skin for the same reasons.

#3 – Hanging a damp towel in a humid bathroom breeds bacteria and mildew. The last thing you want is to put bacteria and mildew on your skin, this can lead to skin irritation. Either hang towels outside of your bathroom or use a clean towel each time or better yet use disposable paper towels or washable muslin to dry skin.

#4 – Don’t use terry cloth towels, especially terry cloth washcloths to wash your face. Terry cloth has little loops that are abrasive and can pull skin removing the skins natural oil causing dry and even sagging skin.

#5 – Honestly, the best way to dry yourself is to air dry so we don’t damage our skin.

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