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Stop Suffering in Silence and
Shatter the Menopause Stigma

Integrative Health Coaching
to support your menopause
and weight loss journey


  • You're discouraged and frustrated because you can't lose weight.

  • You're unfocused, confused, and forgetting simple things.

  • You're experiencing random hot flashes or night sweats and feel exhausted all the time.

  • You feel ashamed of the changes in your body, so you keep the whole ordeal a secret.

Does this sound like you?

Yes, You Can:

  • Have more control over what's happening in your body.

  • Alleviate symptoms so you feel good and look better.

  • Feel empowered and in control instead of lost and hopeless.

  • Find a sense of peace when you realize are not alone on your menopause journey.

The Truth About Menopause

Knowledge is power, discover the real deal about menopause.

Download the guide to discover:

  • Common menopause myths

  • The stages of menopause

  • What stage you're in

  • What you can do now to start managing symptoms

What They've Been Saying

I came to work with Donna because I felt so uncomfortable in my body.  Weight loss, that used to be so easy, but since menopause hit, wasn’t anymore. 


With Donna’s guidance and support, I have lost weight and feel so good in my body that my husband is “complaining” that I’m “wearing him out”. - DS

I felt horrible!  Perimenopause was kicking my butt! I had no energy. I didn’t want to do anything but stay in bed and eat junk food all day. 


With Donna’s guidance, I’ve lost 23 pounds so far. I feel better in my body. I have more patience with my kids. I have more energy. I don’t crave junk food anymore. - GB

I’ve been on a weight loss journey for years and it just kept getting harder and harder, especially through menopause. 


Donna helped me to change my diet and do intermittent fasting properly, and now those extremely stubborn 20 pounds are coming off!  I feel empowered to continue this lifestyle with ease and lose the rest of this weight. - JM

Your Personal Program

Step 1


Let's get on the phone and talk about what's happening with you.

Step 2


We'll work together to address your unique symptoms in a way that feels good to you and aligns with your lifestyle.

Step 3


You'll feel and look better, with more energy than you had before. You'll have the confidence and knowledge to recognize unwanted symptoms and kick them to the curb.

I've Been There

I grew up in a time when talking about women's sexuality was taboo. I remember whispering with my girlfriends in the bathroom at school about getting our periods.  We were excited because we were finally “women”.  At the same time, we were also aware that we couldn’t talk about it out in the open.  Like in the cafeteria—for fear a boy might overhear and make fun of us.  The feeling there? Shame. Fast forward 40 years or so and we’re still whispering and still feeling ashamed.   Only this time the taboo subject is menopause.  We don’t talk about it—because it makes men, and even other women, uncomfortable.  And, of course, there’s the shame. We suffer in silence and try to figure it out all out on our own. This leads to fear because we don’t know what to expect or when to expect it. When it was my time to wonder about menopause, my mother had already passed, and I had no one to talk to.  So, I took to Dr. Google (because you know everything on the internet is true!) and mind-numbingly, complicated research.  From Dr. Google, I was led to believe that there was only one menopause journey that we all take—terrible hot flashes, brain fog, sleepless nights, thinning hair, and other terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things. Then there was PubMed!  They used terms like “genitourinary symptoms” and “vulvovaginal atrophy.” HUH!!??  I don’t even know what those things mean!  They shared that the “menopausal transition precedes menopause by several years”. WAIT! WHAT!!??  I’m going to have all these horrible symptoms for years?? It was terrifying.  No one should have to learn about menopause this way. After the shock and horror of THAT research, I finally found books by female doctors.  These strong women made the conscious decision to shake up the status quo and share the real deal about menopause. One of the most important lessons I learned is that every woman will experience a different menopausal journey.  It’s as unique as a snowflake.   Once you understand yours, it’s liberating! This is where I come in.   I’m Donna J!  I’m fiercely passionate about changing the conversation around menopause.  My experience as a personal chef and personal trainer, along with my background in functional nutrition led me to become an Integrative Health Coach. I will guide you through your unique menopausal journey.  With me you’ll have a safe space to talk, share your journey and get the support you need so you feel your best no matter what stage of menopause you’re in and no matter what symptoms you may have.  It’s time to dispel the myths and share the facts.  To stop suffering in silence. Together, let’s shatter the stigma and create a menopause revolution!

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