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Don't Bother Reading Ingredient Labels - We've Been Duped

For years we’ve been hearing that, if you’re counting calories, or carbs or fat, to lose weight, you should be reading food labels.

Well, don’t waste your time!

We’ve been duped!

They’re not giving you accurate information!

I know, hang on, this blew me away too…

The labels on, well, anything that has a label, can legally be 20% off.

Yup, - 20%!!!

That means, if your counting carbs, calories, sodium, fat, etc… you’re probably eating 20% more than you think.

If you’re going to be relying on labels to make decisions, you should be reading the ingredient list and making a decision based on the actual ingredients, but those can be confusing as well: 4 different healthy sounding sugar ingredients – honey, maple syrup, fruit juice concentrate, wheat flour – may sound healthy, but these ingredients are used as sugar in the body and will cause weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes, etc.

Here are some pointers to make an educated decision:

  1. Ingredient labels are written in descending order.

  2. Look for the hidden sugars.

  3. Look for the hidden gluten.

  4. If it doesn't sound like a food ingredient, question whether you should be consuming it.

I have 2 lists that will help make these decisions easier. One is all the names of hidden sugars and the other is all the names for gluten.

If you'd like copies of these lists, please email me at

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