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Phenoxyethanol is NOT a Clean Ingredient

Phenoxyethanol is probably the most controversial ingredient there is right now.

It is one of the most commonly used synthetic preservatives in skincare and cosmetics.

Many large companies claiming their products are clean and green use this preservative as a replacement for parabens.

Other than phenoxyethanol, it may be listed on an ingredient label as

· Fragrance

· Parfum

· Optiphen

· Rose either 2-phenoxy-ethanol

· 2-hydroxyethyl phenyl ether

· Ethylene glycol monophenyl ether

· Phoxytol

· Glycol ether

Phenoxyethanol is formed by the chemical reaction between 2 compounds, one is a known carcinogen, the other is a corrosive and toxic compound.

It has been banned in baby products because the FDA found it to depress the central nervous system in infants.

In the European Union it is classified as toxic for use around the mouth.

In a 2002 study it was found that a one-time application of phenoxyethanol at 1% induced two different forms of cell death.

In the US, phenoxyethanol is approved at 1% in products.

The problem is if you’re using 5 different products with this ingredient at 1% you are five times over the accepted toxicity.

When I look at other “green/clean” companies, this is the first ingredient I look for.

If they use this ingredient, I question their integrity and move on.

My question is this, how is this ingredient finding its way into so many “green” products?

Take a look at the ingredient lists on your skincare and cosmetics, do they use phenoxyethanol?

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